Black women Show up Collection


 We're here to support and empower Black female entrepreneurs and content creators. Our grant provides resources to help you take the next step in your business growth journey. Apply for our grant and join the community of inspiring women making their dreams a reality.

If you are a black woman that is a small business owner or Tik Tok content creator that use the platform to push your brand or to try to supplement your income THIS IS FOR YOU!


Or maybe you know of someone who fit this criteria.....


The platform has been accused of suppressing the reach of this demographic and showing favor to other types of creators which leaves many black women stuck or unable to reach new audiences to bring awareness to themselves or brand or unable to earn profits on the platform....


Well that changed and the algorithm has been TICKING in our favor!


If you havent been under a rock you know that Black Women EVERYWHERE are changing the narrative on Tik Tok!


It all started with a sound clip urging black women to follow one another with a goal of helping black creators on Tik Tok get their numbers up to 1,000 to be able to go live and further monetize their accounts.


Well....Black women showed up and showed OUT! Many creators were able to go from very few followers up to 10k or more!


The movement has spawned an outpour of black women supporting one another and furthering the conversation of black inclusion, black women stereotypes and more!


Me personally have went from 35 followers to over 500 in a day !


I was so moved by this outpour of love and support us women were showing each other and the movement itself that I went to the drawing board and created the "Black Women Show Up" collection which includes two Joggers, and a hoodie so far......where $5 of each piece sold will go towards 2 grants giving out monthly. One grant for black women that have a small business and one grant for black women content creators.



I would like to award the first two grants as soon as possible but of course the grant amounts depend on your support!


Are you a Black woman business owner or content creator? Number of followers does not matter. To be considered for the grant please fill out form below.


*PLEASE READ In the message section Please put whether you are a content creator or business owner.

If you are a content creator put where I can find your content. What kind of content do you create? Why do you create the content and who is your target market?

If you are a business owner please put website (MUST HAVE A WEBSITE TO BE CONSIDERED). What kind of business do you have and who is your target market. What made you start this business?

 Put what it is that you need financial assistance for.

*Grant Amounts and date giving will be updated soon.


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It's a financial literacy program for youth that teaches skills of money management, entrepreneurship, assets, finances, life skills and so much more!

I had the honor and huge opportunity to be apart of this camp when I was just 15 years old!

I met Gail and was introduced to this camp when I was in the 10th grade at South Eastern High School....I had a 1.6 grade point average ( I hated school and rarely went or applied myself). I had no thoughts of college, never even heard of entrepreneurship, definitely knew NOTHING about stocks,bonds, t bills, finances or assets. Don't get me wrong I had great parents but they couldn't teach me about something they knew nothing of.

Gail taught us so lovingly, patiently, selflessly about "Living on 5th Avenue" having 5 streams of income. How to read stock tickers and invest in stocks, she even bought us out first shares! She taught us how to look at all the products we used daily and begin to not just be consumers but stockholders in those brands.She taught us this through a myriad of guest speakers, experiences , activities and trips. She opened and expanded our minds! This camp changed the trajectory of my life.

I ended up going to The University of Michigan and becoming a serial entrepreneur myself starting J Marie Premium Sneakers.

I'll never forget her, the camp and how it changed my MIND thus changing my life!

That's what programs like this do for our youth! I'm an example, proof, a testimony!

That's why I wanted to find a way to giveback to something, someone that poured into me.

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