National shoe drive



J Marie premium sneakers are a slow fashion and sustainable brand. As part of our 2021 sustainable efforts we have partnered with Angel Bins for a national shoe drive to combat the environmental impact of high fashion.

Angel Bins is a non profit organization that collects, sort, clean and distribute gently used shoes to under served communities in South America and Africa.

J Marie premium sneakers is an e commerce brand and have partnered with several retail locations to act as a drop off point for local participants in that area.


If you are an organization and have a space or retail location to collect footwear for a drive get in touch!

We can organize TWO types of drives- One is where footwear is collected at your location and arranged to be pick up at the end of the drive a third party vendor that will collect footwear, clean, sort ,package, and distribute them to underserved entrepreneurs in other countries. *Compensation 

The other type requires a collection location as well as an arrangement of a community event to redistribute in your neighborhood.

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