There's a HUGE problem in the Sneaker industry and I'm on a mission to change that ONE Premium Sneaker at a time!
My name is Janyelle MARIE Milton founder of J Marie Premium Sneakers, a Premium sneaker brand as an alternative to heels.
I started the brand April 2019.
In highschool you couldn't catch me dead in "gym shoes" or jeans. I was the ultimate girly girl and wore heels and dresses. After graduating from College, I settled into Corporate America the downtown Detroit area. My life became parking structures and A LOT of Walking. 

I was then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and sought a comfortable alternative to heels. I tried different brands but none of them gave me the style and quality I was accustomed to for heels in addition to comfort.

I wasn't apart of the "sneaker culture" waiting on the newest 1s nor was I apart of the "sport genre" waiting for the latest drop.

I'm a middle aged millennial and was looking for something I can wear at the office with business casual wear yet if I wanted to go out I'd still look great! I wanted something that could be dressed up or down.

I wasn't able to find anything.  I was apart of a demographic that was completely ignored by the mainstream sneaker industry.

So I started my own Sneaker brand April of 2019.

Since the brand's inception it has been featured over 8 times in the media

I've been able to get featured on many platforms

I  launched a National Shoe Drive  as part of our 2021 Sustainable initiatives

I also started an igtv/YouTube series called "Walking in my Shoes" a series that takes the viewers on adventures with me from the perspective of my Sneaker

Even with the initial success I quickly realized WHY no Sneaker Brand has addressed the demographics I was apart of......the sneaker industry is a MALE dominated industry and lacks diversity in sex, ideas and color!

The Sneakerhead culture and sports footwear was spawn from Male perspectives.

This problem makes it hard to get funding, and that makes it hard to break entry into the industry and gain access to distribution into footwear stores.

Major brands ignore this demographic completely yet steal ideas and designs to make money off it when they do offer a womens sneaker.

So Im on a quest to change that ONE Premium Sneaker at a time!

I will use the funds to secure my designs by protecting them legally so there is legal repercussion to major brands that take my designs.

Obtain the prototypes of my Sneaker to get them professionally photographed to update my website helping me compete aesthetically with major brands and market to further establish myself as a WOC Sneaker designer in the industry.

You can help with this initiative here